Code review as interview made easy.

CodeRev is a lightweight tool to help you organize and conduct technical interviews using code reviews rather than leetcode.

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In the age of StackOverflow and ChatGPT, is leetcode really the best way to evaluate technical candidates?

Was it ever?

Try code review as interview instead!

Understand how candidates interact with isolated parts of your codebase.
Reflects day-to-day engineering responsibilities in your team.
Better representation of how a candidate reasons, thinks, and communicates.
Open-ended and collaborative; no black and white responses.
Hard to game with generative AI and studying leetcode challenges.
Learn more about your candidates in less time with less stress.
Evaluate for technical roles biased towards reading vs writing code (manager, support).

A candidate's ability to read and reason about your existing code can be a better measure of how quickly they can adapt to your team and how you would expect them to contribute to your ongoing efforts. And in most cases, a new hire's first days are focused on reading code.

How it works


Why use CodeRev? Why not just a GitHub repo or CodeSandbox or Stackblitz?

Easy setup
Lightweight, focused, and simple; just a few clicks to get started.
No exposure of your company GitHub repos, accounts, and workspaces.
Focus on analysis, feedback, and communication; not algorithmic complexity (let GPT do that).


Why did you make this tool?

I went through an interview where the process involved reviewing a snippet of code and really enjoyed the experience. I thought it would be great if there was a dedicated tool for this.

Why not just CodeSandbox or Stackblitz?

Those tools serve a different purpose in an interview process. This tool is meant to help understand how a candidate would interact and communicate in a real-world, day-to-day responsibility of providing feedback to a teammate.

Does this replace coding exercises?

It can if you want it to! But think of it as another tool you can use to help better gauge your candidates.

How is this better than actual coding?

Many roles such as a senior engineering manager or technical architect are more biased towards reading and evaluating code rather than writing code. This is also the case for roles like technical support or QA who may be tracing code, but not writing code. And in reality, we all use external resources when we typically code -- whether StackOverflow, GitHub Copilot, ChatGPT, or Reddit forums -- especially when we are dealing with algorithmically complex problems. Coding exercises artificially create a high-stress interaction that doesn't reflect how we build and ship software in real life.

What's the stack?

Nuxt3 (Vue.js) + Quasar Framework + Google Cloud Firebase. Productive, fast, and more or less free.

Can you add [...]?

Send me an email or DM and let me know!

Charles Chen
Charles Chen